Secure Clinic Communications

Recognizing Legitimate MVMC Communications

Our clinic may initiate communication using electronic means (primarily email)  for appointment reminders and confirmations, form completion requests, or other provider communications.  If you are unsure whether an email from us is legitimate, the items below may help.

  • Secure communications are generated through our OceanMD platform.
    • The sender will appear as 'Maitland Valley Medical Clinic', and the from address will show ''. 
    • In addition to our name and logo, you may also see some Ocean branding on communications.
  • To protect your privacy, communications containing sensitive information may require you to click a link within the email, and enter additional identifying details. 
    • Linked text to 'View Secure Message', 'Complete Questionnaire', 'View Secure Message and Complete Questionnaire' or 'Confirm Appointment' will appear in the body of the message.
    • Hovering over the text in the email (without clicking) reveals the address it links to.  If the address starts with anything other than '' (exactly), do not click the link.
    • When clicked, the link opens a browser, where you will be asked to enter additional identifiers (usually Health Card and date of birth, as shown here) before you can access information and/or forms sent to you.
    • After entering requested detail, you will see the secure message content (similar to shown here), and may be redirected to complete electronic forms assigned.  You may also be asked to download attached items, and confirm having received the message.
    • You do not need to sign up for an account or generate a password to access the information sent.  Access is based on information already known to you, like your health card number and date of birth.
    • We will never ask for payment information or any financial details using this communication method.
  • Electronic forms feed back into our system for your provider to see at your next visit, but replies to the emails themselves will not be delivered, and do not land in a monitored inbox.
    • If you have information to send to us, please use our Secure Submission form, or reach out to your providers office by phone or in person, rather than sending an email.​

If you receive any communication different from what is outlined above, or you are unsure of the legitimacy of any communication from us, please do not click any links, and reach out to your providers office using alternate methods (telephone or in person) to verify the communication came from us.